In conversation with Samantha

April 15, 2015 01:45 PM

Samantha is the undisputed Numero Uno actress in Telugu cinema. She is also known as the Golden Girl of Tollywood as her success rate in the industry is enviable. But Samantha begs to differ as she's candid about the flops she had last year.

Post the release of her new movie, 'S/O Satyamurthy', Sify.com caught up with her for a small chat. Here are excerpts.

Are you happy with the response to you latest movie? 
Oh, yeah. It was the first time that I played a girl suffering from diabetes. A very normal girl role that I enjoyed playing it. The response is tremendous. People are calling me the 'golden girl' agaub. Although it gives me a high, the fact is I am no longer the 'golden girl' of Tollywood.

Why do you think so? You have a great success rate. 
In recent months, I have also seen flops and setbacks. I need to improve my success rate.

How was it working with Allu Arjun? 
First thing I did when I signed up for the film was to ask my stylists to bring the best costumes. I didn't want to look awkward in front of a stylish star like Allu Arjun. On the sets, I have learned that he is the most hard-working actor that I have come across.

Who is your favorite director? 
Trivikram. He is a genius. There is something magical in his words and the scenes he creates. Apart from Trivikram, it's my guru Gautham Menon.

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