The best hybrid supercars that money can buy

March 09, 2015 09:54 AM

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular in the automobile industry, thanks to their combination of power and performance.

While car manufacturers have already started working to bring hybrid cars to the common man, there's also a niche segment of the population that prefers 'supercars'.

The spark in interest towards hybrid cars can be traced back to the launch of the Prius - the world's first mass production hybrid car by Toyota in the year 2005-06. This marked a significant step for the automobile industry in the way future cars could be built to run both on petrol and electricity.

While the Prius was rather dull to drive, other hybrid cars launched by Honda and Nissan were too expensive and didn't look that good.

However, over eight years, automakers have had the time to design smart, technology-driven hybrid cars which are big on both power and looks.

Even the crème-de-la-crème of the automobile industry have joined the hybrid bandwagon. Ferrari launched the LaFerrari, BMW came up with the i8, McLaren entered the niche segment with the P1 and Porsche has announced the 918 Spyder.

These cars are designed to cut fuel consumption to almost half and also reduce pollution caused by other fuel-run cars.

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