Don't meddle with faith, Shiv Sena tells courts

March 16, 2015 02:50 PM



The Shiv Sena on Monday advised the courts to refrain from meddling in matters of faith and religion in the larger public interest.

The party's comments came in the wake of a recent order of Bombay High Court, banning marquees (mandapas) in congested localities or high-traffic areas.

"By this court order, all celebrations of Ganeshotsav, Navratri, Dahi-Handi, Gudi Padva, Shiv Jayanti and other national or religious festivals will collapse," the party said in an edit in Saamana.

"Any 'Andu-Pandu' (Tom, Dick or Harry) representing some NGO stands before the court. Treating it as the view of the majority, orders are issued (by the courts)... even the police appear to implement such orders aggressively. The opinion of a handful of individuals or NGOs cannot be said as representative of the majority," the party said.

Referring to the point of congestion in Mumbai, the Sena said even without any festivals or celebrations, the city continues to remain congested round the year and the roads are full of traffic bottlenecks.

"Will the courts give a ruling for 'permit system' to check influx into Mumbai? Migrants from all over the country can come here and the policy of 'Go or Come - Its your Home...' has been accepted," the edit said.

The party said that the opinions of a handful does not constitute the view of the society or the nation and restrictions on celebrating national or religious festivals will kill their spirit.

While conceding that it was the duty of courts to give justice to all, the Sena suggested that they (the courts) should refrain from interfering in matters of religion or faith, particularly where it it not required.

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