Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor- Actresses who have NOT gone under the knife

February 03, 2015 03:39 PM

We take a look at transformations of B-town’s leading ladies. Unlike many, these beauties have chosen to not go under the knife

“Has she done something to her face?” is a common question we ask when coming across actresses with evident facial transformations. Be it fuller lips, a thinner nose or a sudden flush of youth, many leading ladies of Bollywood have shied away from being upfront about their plastic surgeries. Where they have used synthetic means to look different, there are others who have resorted to other ways for the same. Take a look at stars who have kept it natural all along:

Alia Bhatt

The actress was a chubby little kid no doubt. Alia made it a point to shed the extra kilos for her debut film Student Of The Year. Post that, the actress has worked hard to be in shape even if it meant experiencing certain injuries at the gym. The Highwayfame has often floored us with her trendy appearances and she’s proving to be a leading youth fashion icon today. Makeup and designer clothes have made a difference in Alia’s physicality instead of lip enhancements and what not!

Sonakshi Sinha

The Tevar actress has showed a middle finger to all the health critics who continue to target her for her weight. While we are proud of Sona for doing the same, we also applaud her for not resorting to synthetic means in order to look ‘acceptable’ for others. The beauty has worked hard to shed the extra kilos and we love how she openly flaunts what she’s got and is unapologetic about the same/ Though Sona still struggles a bot on the fashion front and misses the mark with her unflattering outfits at times, we haven’t seen an actress more confident than her!

Sonam Kapoor

Not only is Sonam the fashionista of Bollywood but an inspiration to many women who wish to make a difference. The Dolly Ki Doli actress is brutally honest about who she is and takes pride in the same. We all know of Ms Kapoor’s struggle with weight like Sona, where she was a 90 kilos before entering B-town and making her debut with Saawariya. The beauty could have easily had a liposuction done but chose to go the natural way and slogged it out at the gym to get n shape. Today, she floors us with her stunning and stylish appearances at almost all events. Sonam is fashionable and she knows it!

Parineeti Chopra

Pari has worked hard to make it big in B-town. The actress bid adieu to those carbs for Ishaqzaade and came across as the ‘new and improved’ babe post her stint in her debut film Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. Pari has often come under the scanner for her fashion choices but the actress has made efforts to turn the tables around. Having being compared to her cousin Priyanka Chopra extensively, we like how the actress has carved her own identity with her preppy plus chic appearances. The Kill Dil fame could have easily chosen synthetic means to make changes to her face, but has stuck to the ‘natural beauty’ tag till now. She like Alia and Shraddha, doesn’t shy away from coming out in public sans makeup.

Deepika Padukone

Dippy is one of the leading actresses in B-town today and she has earned her fame by doing it right. Not only has she floored us with her performances in films like Ram-Leela and Cocktail but also charmed many with her natural and radiant beauty. One might think,” With a perfect face like Deepika, why undergo plastic surgery at all?” But the truth is that many actresses who define beauty have chosen to go under the knife. In Dippy’s case however, what you see is what you get!

Plastic surgery is a personal choice so there’s no right and wrong. Having said that, I believe those who choose to use synthetic means should always think twice. If gone wrong, the change is evident and we have umpteen examples of that don’t we? Continue to be natural ladies, cuz’ you are totally worth it!

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