Did Badlapur create a rift between Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt?

February 02, 2015 04:59 PM

Varun Dhawan opened up in an interview recently about how his upcoming film changed a lot in his personal relationships…

Varun Dhawan seems like an upbeat actor who loves playing the happy guy on screen. But in a recent interview to DNA, he revealed that he had got sick of playing happy characters in films and that Badlapur gave him a release where he could portray darker emotions. It would be wrong to assume that Badlapur didn’t affect Varun after the cameras would stop rolling. Even when Varun would stop shooting, he would continue thinking about Raghu, his character in Badlapur. Consequently, that changed a lot in his personal life as well.

Talking about how the Sriram Raghavan film affected his relationships Varun said, “That phase (of shooting Badlapur) changed my friendship and equation with everyone, not just Alia. That is the price I had to pay to do this film. I actually have lost touch with lot of my school friends. I missed a close friend’s wedding and he really got upset.. There have been many casualties in terms of my personal relationships with a lot of people. Now, obviously, people who are from the industry will speak more about it, but my actual closest friends are not from the industry. So I will mend those relationships first and then think about the others. I don’t think anyone is upset with me and even if they are they should go watch Badlapur!”

At the Life OK Screen Awards recently, Varun gave Alia the cold shoulder and went up to her current flame Sidharth Malhotra to hug and greet him instead. Post their break-up, Alia and Varun haven’t exactly been on good terms with each other. About the episode, Varun revealed, “I was on the stage, I noticed Sidharth because clearly he’s taller and I could spot him easily. But let me tell you very honestly that when I was doing Badlapur, I didn’t speak to anyone. I was shooting it till December-end and during that time I cut off from everyone including my parents.”

Clearly it was one bitter break-up, Alia and Varun’s. But we just hope that the two actors find it in themselves to move on and work with each other in the future!

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